Lead Scoring: Discover the Best Practices to Segment and Classify the Potential Customers of Your Website

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Lead Scoring: Discover the Best Practices to Segment and Classify the Potential Customers of Your Website

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Lead scoring works as a lead scoring system to optimize conversions and increase sales for a company. Daniel Moraes Nov 18, 21 | 16 min read discover how lead scoring processes work in digital marketing You already know that one of the great advantages of Inbound Marketing is the opportunity to attract a large number of leads to your company. But even if you already have an ongoing strategy and leads are popping up, you still have another challenge ahead: qualify each of them. Without the proper qualification, your sales team will waste time with people who are not ready to buy and you will have a bigger job to generate new leads. That is why lead scoring exists, a technique that helps increase the efficiency of Inbound Marketing and make the companies that apply it more solid. Do you want to know how lead scoring works? Then keep reading, as we are going to show it to you right now! What is lead scoring? What types of classifications does lead scoring cover? What is the importance of lead scoring for your business? What criteria can be analyzed to carry out the lead scoring?6 steps to lead scoring with perfection6 mistakes that are usually made when it comes to lead scoring After the lead scoring, what should you do? The innovative role of interactivity in lead scoring5 useful tools for a more complete lead scoring What is lead scoring? Lead scoring is, in simple terms, a way to rank your potential customers by points. These points are used to determine who is ready to buy or not.

Once a lead receives a score that is considered acceptable by the company, it is passed to the sales team to try to close the deal. This score is defined based on the profile of the lead compared to the person of the company and also by their actions during the purchase day .Thus, the closer the lead profile is to your established person, the more points they earn. At the same time, their actions (such as downloading rich materials, answering surveys, etc.) also count points, as they indicate interest in your message. What types of classifications does lead scoring cover? There are three types of leads that are quite popular when we talk about their proximity at the time of making the purchase decision and their compatibility with the ideal customer profile of the company. Nepal Phone Number List Information-Qualified Leads (IQL)IQLs, in Spanish: potential customers qualified by information, are those leads who have the profile of your ideal customer and who, despite having provided you with personal information, have not yet expressed a real interest in your specific solution. It may be a lead who is interested in the topics you address and has downloaded an ebook for example, but has no interest in buying yet. This type of lead will only have greater value for you, if it makes other interactions that show you that it is evolving and maturing towards the purchase process .Marketing-Qualified Leads (MQL)MQLs or potential customers qualified by marketing are those who find in your brand a solution to satisfy a need they already have. That is, they already show interest in what you can offer them.

They may have been converted by downloading an Ebook that tells you that you have the solution to solve his problem and that with the material that he has downloaded he knows it too. Sales-Qualified Leads (SQL)The SQLs are the qualified leads by sales. In other words, they are the leads that are ready to buy your product or service and that if they receive an offer correctly, they will most likely accept it. One of the actions that tells you that a lead is SQL are the free trials and demos. If a potential customer requests a trial of a product or service, it is an excellent indicator that they are ready to buy. These are the leads that can become future clients, however, there are also cold leads that are those that do not meet the profile of your ideal client, nor are they interested in your products or services now or will be in the future. What is the importance of lead scoring for your business? Lead scoring is one of the most important tactics from the moment a company starts to generate a good number of leads from Inbound Marketing.

After all, not all leads are created equal, and salespeople shouldn't be forced to work with luck when choosing who to approach. The better you know your leads , the greater are the chances of only getting in touch with those who are ready to become customers and that is where lead scoring helps. The result is the 3 benefits that you will see below: Lower costs From the moment you invest in lead scoring, your company spends less with sales and marketing, why? The answer is simple. Marketing and sales teams will spend less time preparing and tackling leads to have the same conversion rate they had before. This means reducing the CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) , by shortening the average time of the sales cycle and spending less resources to win each customer. With the value of the CAC reduced the economy for the company is greater. Productivity increase The time saved in the sales cycle can be used by the professionals involved to generate new business and retain the customers they have won.

The marketing team will focus its efforts on the leads that are closest to the ideal score, but will still be able to accompany others, through automated nutrition flows .For this reason, you will need to generate and prepare fewer leads than your sales team will need to address in order to reach your stated conversion goals .Then, the sales team will not spend unnecessary time addressing leads that are not close to buying and will be able to be more accurate in direct contacts. Most effective strategies To generate and nurture leads it is necessary to have a series of ongoing strategies, including content marketing and nutrition flow. You also need to have a strong social media presence and use email marketing with precision. As your lead scoring process matures, it is possible to apply a kind of reverse analysis to see, for example, which content was the most successful among the leads who made the purchase. It is also possible to discover the patterns in the language of interacting with them and in the networks, the most effective mail variations and landing pages .

This way, you can replicate the most successful actions frequently and consistently achieve better results. This will eventually lead to what we know as predictable income. What criteria can be analyzed to carry out the lead scoring? Defining the criteria that can be analyzed to obtain the lead scoring will depend on the specific needs and characteristics of each business. There is no magic formula that can be applied to any company, since each organization must define what is relevant to it. However, to help you you can do the following. It is important to measure two main aspects, the user's profile and their interest. To determine their profile, you can be guided by your buyer persona and from there analyze the characteristics of the leads that become consumers more quickly.
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