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Summary Of Ideas France Phone Number

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Everyone is familiar with the concept of competitive product analysis. When the product has a general direction, but the business needs are not completely clear, UX designers can first start to collect and analyze similar competing products in the market as a reference for subsequent product design. Competitive product analysis itself is not difficult, there are templates for reference everywhere on the Internet, but how to France Phone Number summarize and extract the most effective key information from this process, and bring greater reference value for subsequent business decision/design work, and Instead of producing a vase report that looks informative and comprehensive but is "useless", it is still worthy of our constant thinking. Today's article summarizes some competitive analysis ideas that the author has learned and applied in practice.

It is not comprehensive. Welcome to France Phone Number discuss and exchange. 01 Frame abstraction In the early stage of competitive product analysis, we will collect a large number of online application or conceptual design cases, screenshots, etc., and if we analyze one by one, the points are easy to be scattered, and it is easy to get caught in the details without knowing the whole picture. It is more reasonable to collect these data. Abstraction, classification, induction, etc., of competing products are carried out. Frame abstraction is a typical example. It is more suitable for products whose overall shape and layout have not yet been determined.


When there is more room for development, it is usually a new product or a major revision design. The framework abstraction is mainly carried out for the overall layout of the interface of competing products. The various competing products are finally summarized into several basic framework styles. Combined with the application scenarios and target user characteristics of these frameworks, the specific advantages and disadvantages are analyzed. Combine the specific business and user demands with the business side, and choose the one that can best promote strengths and avoid weaknesses for refinement.
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