Path Decomposition China Phone Number

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Path Decomposition China Phone Number

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The framework abstraction method is commonly used in the early stages of product design, but when all competing products are laid out in a very similar way and based on the same basic interface framework (such as most conversational application products), it is not so applicable. At this time, we need to China Phone Number change our thinking and analyze from the perspective of user behavior path. The specific path nodes can be different according to the actual business situation. It can be based on the whole-link idea of ​​"reach, cognition, use, return visit, and sharing", or it can be delivered layer by layer according to "content, interaction, atmosphere". Introduce ideas, and then analyze the specific scenarios and solutions of competing products in each.

Summarize what is doing well, how to China Phone Number learn from it; what are not doing well, how to improve, etc. 03 Discover the highlights Compared with designing new products or initiating revisions at every turn, promoting some small and beautiful experience design optimizations without changing the basic framework and key user behavior paths is more like the normal work of mature product designers, while In this context, when doing competitive analysis, you can focus more on excavating unique experience highlights, such as a small detail of a guide prompt, an interesting feedback after the operation is completed, rather than time-consuming and laborious summarizing some frame layout styles.


Solutions that have been generalized, etc. 04 Find the difference Competitive product analysis is not just about borrowing the advantages of the other party, which will also stifle the innovation of our plan. More importantly, it is to find opportunities for differentiated design. Here, we can combine the framework abstraction and path disassembly mentioned above. Methods, to discover and avoid the similarities of competing products (many times, our smug innovative ideas may have been tried by others, but they have not found them due to their limited vision), and find another way to find a better entry angle for original design.
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