Sri-lanka Phone Number Facing and Taobao? Pinduoduo's Most Important Update Is Online!

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Sri-lanka Phone Number Facing and Taobao? Pinduoduo's Most Important Update Is Online!

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It really drives the local life in the station. prosperity. The outbreak of epidemics in many places (such as the Beijing epidemic) has further driven a small upsurge of merchants to settle in and start broadcasting. Not only that, in order to solve the problem that catering cannot be dine-in during the epidemic, some merchants also spontaneously provide services such as intra-city delivery and third-party Sri-lanka Phone Number flash delivery. The popularity of live audio has further stimulated users' willingness to place orders, opening up a new situation for the local life of Douyin, which has not yet built a closed loop. In Kath's view, the reason why live broadcasts are more effective is that live broadcasts have a stronger sense of presence and immediacy, and the enthusiasm of users to place orders is more obvious.

At the same time, the retention of live broadcasts is more accurate, and the traffic conversion efficiency is higher. In this regard, you can also refer to the development data of Douyin e-commerce. In 2021, the sales volume of Douyin live streaming is 7.6 times that of short videos, and the goal in 2022 is to expand to 16 times. At the same time, compared to short videos, live broadcasts have lower barriers to entry for ordinary businesses. Different from e-commerce live broadcasts, which often need to be comprehensive in "people-goods-field", local live broadcasts do not have such high requirements for "people (ie anchors)", but also test Sri-lanka Phone Number the attractiveness of the dishes themselves and the convenience for users. , the strength of the discount, so until today, we can still see many live broadcast rooms with good sales.


And the camera is still live broadcast on the dishes (not the anchor). In general, after several years of detours and explorations, Douyin's local life has completed its early persuasion work. The attitude of local life merchants towards Douyin has changed from a strategic "do you want to do it" to an urgent "want to do it?" know what to do" stage. Cass predicts that in 2022, there will be more local businesses with different identities entering the Douyin track, and local live broadcasts will become as normal as today's e-commerce live broadcasts. There will also be more and more content that will be swiped to live local life in the stream. 2. Do a good job in local life, Douyin still faces three challenges However, the increased enthusiasm of merchants to settle in and start broadcasting does not mean that Douyin has a better chance of doing well in local life.
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