Taiwan Phone Number User Portrait Pit Avoidance Guide

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Taiwan Phone Number User Portrait Pit Avoidance Guide

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In Kath's view, Douyin still needs to accept three challenges to do a good job in local life: The first challenge comes from the platform's streaming rules, which Taiwan Phone Number are more friendly to brand merchants or chain merchants. As we all know, the current traffic distribution of Douyin is still distributed globally, and it will push good content to interested users. For local life, such streaming rules are obviously more friendly to brand merchants with chain stores across the country. ; For regional businesses or individual businesses, they are more concerned about the conversion and combustion efficiency of regional (intra-city) traffic. It was mentioned in the "Byte 2021 Target Interview Minutes" that the penetration rate of Douyin in the same city is more than 20%, that is to say, if Douyin's daily life is 600 million.

then the daily life in the same city is about 170-180 million. between. In order to truly attract the main local merchants, that is, small and medium-sized merchants that account for 80% of the total and are extremely scattered, Kath believes that Douyin still needs to increase the proportion of intra-city traffic in the site, which means: to improve the content ecology of the same city, Even adjusting the traffic rules of the platform so that the content in the same city has the opportunity to get higher exposure is the meaning of the title. Of course, if the adjustment can be completed without damaging the user experience, it will also be a good Taiwan Phone Number thing for Douyin to refine and improve the efficiency of the monetization of traffic on the whole site.


The second challenge comes from Douyin’s operational style, which has limited appeal to small and medium-sized businesses and individual businesses. Regarding the expansion of new businesses, Douyin has always had a tried-and-true magic weapon, that is, cultivating "benchmarks", and then quickly copying and fissioning similar customers through the benchmarking effect. Whether it is the early stage of commercial development or the early stage of e-commerce development, Douyin has used the creation of benchmark figures and benchmark cases to achieve growth across cycles. Taking e-commerce as an example, in April 2020, Douyin successfully attracted the industry's attention to Douyin e-commerce through the creation of IP "Luo Yonghao".
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