Wuhan Mobile Phone Number Exclusive Tiktok's Global Short Video Dominance or Will It Be Overtaken by Youtu

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Wuhan Mobile Phone Number Exclusive Tiktok's Global Short Video Dominance or Will It Be Overtaken by Youtu

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The series of activities have made Baibaitu, South Korean daughter-in-law Dalulu and other smashing goods-carrying experts; since then, in order to attract brands to settle in, Douyin also cooperated with Xiaomi, Suning Tesco, etc. to create a number of live broadcast rooms that exceed 100 million yuan, and Organize the gameplay into a general methodology for other brands to follow and learn. In the Tunisia Phone Number field of local life, Douyin has never given up on the creation of "benchmarks". As early as the end of 2020, Douyin had hoped to cut into the local market by making short videos, hanging POIs, and linking products by celebrities, merchants and consumers.

Life, and took advantage of the trend to launch a super-head talent represented by "Big LOGO Eats All Over China (formerly @大LOGO Eats Beijing)", and last year, the premiere of McDonald's Gold Shaking Store also became a textbook case, which appeared in In the case of investment Tunisia Phone Number promotion of local life. However, the effect of benchmarking is obviously effective for attracting head or chain merchants, but for attracting small and medium-sized merchants and even individual merchants, Kath believes Wuhan Mobile Phone Number that the effect is limited. Compared with brand merchants, small and medium-sized merchants may be more willing to see successful cases that they are familiar with and of the same magnitude as themselves.


For such groups, Douyin’s persuasion work has increased. At the same time, local merchants value the production ratio. , Unfamiliarity with short videos and live broadcast Tunisia Phone Number gameplay, inability to invite and cooperate with talents, etc., will affect the development process of local life in Douyin. The third challenge is that Douyin's basic support for local life is not perfect. But Kath believes that this challenge is the smallest for Douyin, and it can fully refer to the development speed of live broadcast e-commerce in Douyin. Douyin, which advocates technology and algorithms, and believes in "developing miracles", is fully capable of improving the shortcomings of infrastructure and operation systems before the outbreak of new businesses. Maybe, some afternoon soon, you who are using Douyin accidentally discovered.
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