Tongliao Phone Number Single Column Kills Double Column, There Is No Active Selection for Short Videos

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Tongliao Phone Number Single Column Kills Double Column, There Is No Active Selection for Short Videos

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These merchants have certain operational guidance to help merchants in the cold start and brand building of Douyin. It is added here that the so-called head merchants refer to merchants with capital, budget, and the ability to make short videos and live broadcasts on Douyin. For the Tongliao Phone Number takeaway sector that can drive revenue for the platform, Douyin has still not been able to find a breakthrough. At the beginning of this year, in some local life exchange groups, it was rumored that Douyin Heart Delivery will be tested in some core cities in mid-to-late March, but it was later officially refuted. In Kath's view, if Douyin wants to break into the hinterland of Meituan, that is, to stir up the plate of take-out, the core is not the lack of the existing closed loop of the platform, but to really win a sufficient number of small.

medium and micro merchants to enter and Active, obviously, in order to attract such merchants, Douyin cannot rely on itself alone, and the aerial play, which was good at building benchmarks and holding high, will also fail. At this time, a large number of "ground troops" must be Tongliao Phone Number assembled to refine, Grid expansion has become the key to solving the problem. Referring to the development ideas of Douyin e-commerce, the most effective way is obviously to cultivate and support a large number of service providers, and the identities of service providers will also be extremely subdivided. Some are responsible for business expansion and help businesses settle in and start cold; some are acting as representatives It also helps merchants invite experts to visit stores and live broadcast.


Of course, Cass believes that in the field of local life, there is also a huge training market, so that merchants can be promoted systematically. The content and operational capabilities of Douyin. However, there may be a natural bug in attracting service providers, that is, the gross profit of local merchants is limited. The more small, medium and micro merchants are, the more attention they pay Tongliao Phone Number to ROI. Businesses need to take a commission, and they also need to take a commission for inviting celebrities to sell their goods. Then, the gross profit left to the business will not be too much. A local life service provider on Douyin who did not want to disclose his name told Kath that it is more tiring than DP to make money in local life service. The reasons can be attributed to two aspects. .
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