Northeast Mobile Phone Number Tips for New Graduates Looking for Jobs

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Northeast Mobile Phone Number Tips for New Graduates Looking for Jobs

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"Career" is almost an unavoidable word in everyone's life, and some people say that occupation is our second life. Looking back on graduating from school in 2015, I chose the career of product manager and worked for 7 years. When I was in school, I felt that product managers could draw prototypes and were full of creativity. Now I understand that product managers are more like a small CEO and Northeast Mobile Phone Number housekeeper of a company, managing all aspects of your cooperation, product positioning, user needs, implementation, and even It is also necessary to be responsible for the commercial value and ensure that the product line can grow up healthily.

In the past few years, I have also been learning, laughing and calling myself a wild product manager. Not a computer background, no systematic computer training. The product knowledge is all searched online by myself, and the structured system is also built by myself. I am also fortunate to share my views and knowledge with you in the public account of lovepm, and constantly collide and communicate Northeast Mobile Phone Number with you to optimize the knowledge structure. Regarding career choice and growth, it is also a topic that I have always been concerned about. What industry to choose, what company to choose, and what is a healthy and benign growth environment.


How to fight against mainstream unhealthy values ​​(young people need to buy a house and a car for financial freedom), and how to find a growth value concept that really suits them. I have organized and summarized the content about growth and career choice over the years, which is Northeast Mobile Phone Number also the basis for my own judgment, and shared it with the graduating classmates. 01 The working life is actually very long The first perception to focus on about careers is that most people view working life as a job, not a career. Focus too much on the next step instead of the entire path. Think of your career as a sprint race. In reality, however, it was a marathon that lasted at least 45 years.
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