Uruguay Phone Number Where Can I Find the Music of My Heart? Analysis of the Whole Module Logic of Music Recommendation

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Uruguay Phone Number Where Can I Find the Music of My Heart? Analysis of the Whole Module Logic of Music Recommendation

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You may have also noticed that in 2022, WeChat's update model has changed from providing new functions in the past to improving basic experience. Those details that have been inconvenient but have long been commonplace in the past ten years have gradually been replaced by more modern and well-thought-out designs. This national-level social + life application is progressing in a more and more comfortable and pleasant direction. The update rhythm of WeChat has also changed from the past three-for-five meetings Uruguay Phone Number to write an article to introduce the changes, and has quietly become a form of "solving some known problems", but trying to change in small details.

Recently, WeChat has ushered in such an update: In short, the way to manage storage space and chat records is more intuitive, and the familiar circle of friends and public accounts (subscription accounts) have also undergone some minor changes. 1. The cache classification becomes more detailed, and the cleaning is more intuitive After years of use, the storage space occupied by WeChat in mobile phones Uruguay Phone Number has always been a persistent problem. Operations such as chatting, socializing, browsing official accounts, and using small programs will naturally use mobile phone storage, and the volume of related files will increase over time. Being able to accurately and effectively clean up useless files and free up mobile phone storage space Uruguay Phone Number is what many users want to meet.


The previous WeChat obviously did not do the relevant work well. Earlier versions did not even provide professional storage management functions, and could only rely on the cache management function of the Android system, or third-party applications to read the WeChat file directory to achieve this. The disadvantages of doing so are obvious, there will inevitably be "manslaughter", and there may Uruguay Phone Number be privacy-related risks. Subsequent WeChat added storage space management, but it was also a little bright. WeChat epic update: the circle of friends has been liked and changed! In the latest version of WeChat (iOS version number is 8.0.24), the original simple and rude cache cleaning button has been changed to a sub-interface for cleaning the cache by category.
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