Having Also Experienced the Devastation Color Correction

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Having Also Experienced the Devastation Color Correction

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"De-Nazification" is the most ironic excuse for Russia's invasion of Ukraine, because as I said in my previous article , Ukraine certainly has a far-right wing, but Russia's far-right wing is 10 times as large as Ukraine's. However, the swastika representing the swastika or the SS symbol of the Waffen SS is often used by Ukrainian or Russian-backed militias, so one has to wonder why the Slavs are so obsessed with the swastika.

In fact, not only the Germans and Slavs were or are still fascinated by these symbols, these symbols of white supremacy are very popular in many non-European and American countries. Including Mongolia, Japan and South Korea, and nationalists on both sides of the Taiwan Strait are very fond of it. Just like Color Correction the situation in Ukraine, even the nationalist groups that are opposed to each other are fond of Nazi symbols

For example, although the radicals and ultra-independence factions in Taiwan are hostile to each other, they both have admirers of the Nazi symbols. RTX119T0 Photo Credit: Reuters / Dazhi Image Mongolian neo-Nazi organization in 2013, the organization advocated against mining and the environmentalist line of foreign investment in Mongolia to create pollution The reason why there are so many fanatical youths all over the world who like s More about this source textSource text required for additional translation information Send feedback Side panels
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