Reason for Divorce or a Protection Jewelry Retouching

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Reason for Divorce or a Protection Jewelry Retouching

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Although at the beginning, the murderer said that he could not stand his father, who had been divorced from his mother for 30 years, and verbally bullied his mother who suffered from dementia for a long time. However, the final fact does not seem to be the case. in this way.

However, in a marriage, ifJewelry Retouching
your other half has similar verbal bullying situations, is such behavior considered domestic violence? If you can't stand the long-term verbal attacks of the other half, can it be a reason to file for divorce?

First of all, the so-called violence is not limited to physical violence, especially between family members. In many cases, there may not be physical attacks, but bullying by verbal or mental means. Therefore, such as The other half has made verbal insults to himself for a long time, causing his mental breakdown and unbearable. Such a situation will also be a kind of domestic violence. When faced with such a situation, you can apply for a protection order to prevent the other party from continuing to do anything to you. Inappropriate bullying behavior.
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