Let’s Talk About Growth, el marketing al servicio del crecimiento

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Let’s Talk About Growth, el marketing al servicio del crecimiento

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Yesterday, from IEBS we organized the second edition of the Let's Talk About Growth event, an inspiring day through expert leaders in digital marketing and automation with which to seek the growth of organizations, essential for the current moment of great competitiveness and uncertainty in which we find ourselves. It may interest you: Executive Master in Digital Marketing, Analytics and UX Let's Talk About Growth, chronicle of the event In the first place, Emilio Martín, AI Tech Lead @ DWX, had the floor, who offered us a whole set of tools that allow the automation of marketing techniques through macros. For example, tools for automating actions on the browser itself and accessible to all types of marketing experts.

The next session was led by Marcos Herrera, co-director of the IEBS cell numbers list Growth Hacking Master and SEO expert for eBay. Marcos shared with us the idea that, although it seems that Growth Marketing is an action for Startups, this is not entirely the case. Large companies use it for many strategic actions. According to Marcos, large Corporates grow above double digits, and this can only be achieved with Growth Marketing strategies. Following the recommendation introduced by Marcos to start a project with as little idea as possible, the third presentation was given by Pablo Pérez, Growth Manager at Product Hackers and NoCode4Growth. Pablo told us multiple ways to test products without the need for programming knowledge, very quickly and at an insignificant cost. EXECUTIVE MASTER IN DIGITAL MARKETING, ANALYTICS AND UX Learn from the best experts in the field. I want to know more! INFOGRAPHIC The 6 myths and truths of Growth Hacking Download On the other hand, and according to Carmen San Emeterio, Regional Director at Tealium, it is key to work with data as a source of growth. In a business context where data is an essential part of business strategy, data is no less important for marketing departments.

For this reason, technologies such as custom data platforms appear that allow us to build a single view of the client through the data that they generate in the different interactions with the company. On the other hand, Javier Castellanos, Digital Marketing Consultant for Google, gave us some of the trends in consumer changes that companies must take into account in their growth actions. Finally, Engel Fonseca, CEO of Potenttial Group, stressed the importance of understanding Artificial Intelligence and how it can help connect with people to encourage growth.
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