​In the time of one song, how does Jay Chou incarnate "Chou Influence"?

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​In the time of one song, how does Jay Chou incarnate "Chou Influence"?

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The long-silent Chinese music scene finally became lively again.

At 12:00 on July 6th, Jay Chou released the prelude of the new album with the same name "The Greatest Work" after 6 years. As soon as the sound source and MV were launched, they received a large amount of attention and discussion. In addition to the topic of #Jay Chou Prelude#, which quickly exploded and reached the top of the hot search list, Jay Chou himself, the pictures in the MV, the surrounding albums, previous works and other contents were put on the table by netizens, and related topics were slaughtered in real time. Top 15 on the entertainment hot search list.

​In the time of one song, how does Jay Chou incarnate "Chou Influence"?

New song released real-time hot search chart/Weibo

On Jewell's official Weibo, the new song's MV has generated 140 million views within a week, with over 1.69 million likes, and the data continues to rise. It can be said that "Jay Chou's new song" is not only a music event, but also a more Like a phenomenon-level topic carnival.

There is no doubt that this topical carnival comes with countless voices and traffic. So, if you go beyond the music itself and regard "Jay Chou's new song" as a marketing event, what are the points for brand reference?

1. The fusion of nostalgia and art to convey the charm of music
First of all, the song itself contains many eye-catching elements.

First of all, from the title of the song, the "greatest" in "The Greatest Work" is said to be unparalleled, echoing the "madness of the generation, the king of music" described in its lyrics, if it is not well-known in the music world Jay Chou, I am afraid that few people can have the courage to name this.

As the so-called brand marketing needs to build momentum first, the "greatest" in the title, whether it refers to the various types of artistic treasures in the song, or Jay Chou's song Special Database itself, shows his confidence and publicity. And this confidence has undoubtedly added a gimmick to the song's warm-up. When a new song is released, whether the audience praises it or criticizes it, it is enough to trigger a wave of wide-ranging discussions and dissemination.

In addition, Jay Chou, the director, also buried a lot of stalks in the song MV.


For example, at the beginning of the MV, the prelude piano song "secret" plays, and the similar melody instantly pulls the audience back to the scene where Jay Chou played the piano in the movie "The Secret That Can't Be Told" more than ten years ago, leading the audience into a time travel ; And the French Samaritan department store as the background in the MV is also a metaphor here. It was closed for renovation in 2005 and reopened after 16 years. This reflects that Jay Chou released 14 albums in 2016 and reached the peak of the music scene. .

The surrealist painter Dali's oil painting is used as a metaphor for "The Clock in the opposite direction", and the Chinese painter Sanyu's fusion of Chinese and Western cultures is used to refer to Jay Chou's breakthrough in musical style. Chapter Seven", triggering a series of memories.

Therefore, this song is not only Jay Chou's new work that has been violated for many years, but also a review of his past and his own mental journey. The stalks buried in it have brought countless surprises to listeners who have been following for many years. The so-called nostalgic marketing has been used to perfection in the explicit and hidden MV of this MV, and fans are also sharing this wave of nostalgia together. shared feelings.

Finally, the dazzling combination of artistic elements in the song also takes the song's artistry to the next level.

The lyricist Huang Junlang carefully summed up the many clues in the MV for the public on Weibo, from the piano performance to the artist's "reappearance", from "Impression Sunrise", "Starry Night", "Lunch on the Grass" to "Farewell to Cambridge" and "One Night in Emerald Green", the songs combine the greatest poems, paintings, prose and other works of the past era, with complex arrangement and chords, expressing Western classical art in the tone of popular music , showing the author's strong musical taste.
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