3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Sweat Email Unsubscribes

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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Sweat Email Unsubscribes

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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Sweat Email Unsubscribes Do you take it personally when someone unsubscribes from your list? You’re a smart content marketer, and you know that building a qualified list of email subscribers is an important part of your overall online strategy. But as you build your list (and consistently send out useful, compelling content), you’re inevitably going to lose some of those subscribers. A lot of email marketers take it very personally when people drop off their list. They fret and sweat over every lost reader. But I argue that there are many reasons why you want to celebrate — not mourn — when someone unsubscribes from your list.

Huh?! Let’s take a look at three of Phone Number List those reasons right now … 1. Unsubscribes save you energy When subscribers self-select and drop off your list, it saves you energy. The majority of people on your list are prospects and customers who care about your message and appreciate your content and offerings. But there are some “energy vampires” on your list, too. These are the people who: Complain that you send too many (or too few) emails Consistently ask you for free advice Write (or call) and ask you to go to coffee with them so they can “pick your brain” Every time you get contacted by an energy vampire, you have to deal with it. Even if you decide not to respond, you still have to read the note and make a decision about what to do with it. As an entrepreneur, you are always working from a limited pool of energy. Every time you receive a request, it drains a little bit of that energy.


Now, let me be very clear, answering questions from qualified prospects and loyal customers is a good use of your energy. Dealing with energy vampires is not. Getting rid of energy vampires on your list allows you to pay more attention to the people on your list who appreciate you, respect your boundaries, and want to pay you fairly for your expertise. When energy vampires unsubscribe from your list, it’s a good thing. So say “Sayonara” and let them be on their way. 2. Unsubscribes get rid of dead weight There are a lot of totally valid and understandable reasons people will unsubscribe from any given email list (inbox cleanup, employee turnover, change in direction, etc.). But there’s another, slightly more sinister reason people unsubscribe — it’s because they get annoyed when you send them offers for paid products or services. Yes, I said it. There are going to people who drop you because you want to sell them things. These people want to get great content from you, but get angry or upset when you make offers for relevant products or services. In other words, these folks want something for free, but aren’t really interested in the next-step solutions you offer. They want you to continue sending them free advice, but they not only don’t want to buy anything from you, they get bent out of shape when you have the gall to try to run your business like an actual business. You want these people off your list.
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