31 Tools to Make Your Page or Blog More Social

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31 Tools to Make Your Page or Blog More Social

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This Christmas Facebook was the most visited page in the United States and surpassed Google. Social networks and applications that connect people and content are increasingly important on the Internet and will be the big trend that will be consolidated in 2010. Is your blog or website ready? Below you will find a collection of different tools, plugins and services to connect with social media. Most of them I have tried, either in this blog or in other projects. This first list includes general purpose tools and the most popular services such as Facebook,

Twitter or FriendFeed. If you know of any that are not listed or want to comment on an experience, your comments are welcome. General General purpose tools allow you to manage multiple services and platforms from one place. Although flexibility is sometimes lost, they are an interesting option to start interacting with social networks from your blog. 1. Wibya This bar decesion maker email list is inserted in your blog so that your users have access to numerous tools such as Facebook or Twitter. You just have to copy and paste a line of JavaScript on all the pages for it to start working. Then, we will have to create our account and configure the services that we want to use.

A simple and effective way to connect your blog with social media. Wibya's Page 2.Gigya A powerful tool to link your blog with various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google, Yahoo and others. It allows to use user identification services, manage comments, share content or send content to friends added to the network. It is probably one of the most complete tools with many customization options. On the other hand, you have to read and investigate a little to get all the juice out of it. Gigya Page,
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