The 10 Pages With the Most Fans on Facebook and What We Can Learn From Them

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The 10 Pages With the Most Fans on Facebook and What We Can Learn From Them

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Or we could say the 1st brands with the most followers on their pages or fanpages, as long as we understand a brand to be a natural person, since, as we will see below, the fanpages with the most fans are not the ones that correspond precisely to companies. Facebook is about to reach an exorbitant figure: 'that one out of every two people on the planet who has access to the Internet is a user of this network'. Logically, this is the reason for any company or professional to want to be on Facebook and the more followers

they have, the better. But neither having many followers or fans guarantees anything nor exactly the opposite. Things take time and depend on the effort, work and time we dedicate to our presence on this social network. Many companies have abandoned their websites to focus on their Facebook page as the main element of their business or activity given fax number list the potential number of users who can see it. Facebook has changed the dynamics of the network and provides a multimedia platform that communicates in real

time with fans and customers. This provides instant feedback which is vital in a fast moving business world. Let's see if any of us in our fanpages can do something that those with the largest number of fans do : The best brands Coke starbucks Airing Red Bull converse all star Superstars and entities Lady Gaga Facebook Rihanna Eminem Youtube Celebrities and brands have the resources to follow best practices with the best designers and developers on the market and make their Facebook Page look their best.
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