How to Easily Fix the 10 Biggest Wordpress Problems

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How to Easily Fix the 10 Biggest Wordpress Problems

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WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used content management systems. Initially, it was mainly about creating blogs, but with the introduction of new plugins and updates, it branched out. Nowadays, people use WordPress CMS to create online stores, blogs, websites and online forums.Here are ten issues you may have encountered due to new updates, plugins, and themes.1) Hosting your website onlineIn order to create your WordPress site, you need to create a database and link it to your site. However, the problem arises when you create it offline; it will cause an error when downloading it online.After purchasing a domain;Contact your hosts to make the space available to you.

You can then zip your offline WordPress site and database for download.Be sure to upload the to public html and the database to PhpMyAdmin after creating the database to MySQL.You can then change the database name and password in the config.php file present in the you extracted.Be sure to extract your site.sql file to the new database you created.Alternatively, you can create Phone Number List a new database on your cPanel and while configuring it, write down your database details for proper configuration. This will automatically link it to the website.You can then access your website using the URL link.

You need to be careful while downloading, to make sure you don't get any error messages that could waste a lot of your time.Error Messages2) The problem "Error while establishing a connection to the database"There are times; when the following message will appear "Error while establishing a connection to the database" . This is mainly due to three factors:a problem with the hosting server,an error in the wp-config.php fileor the site being hacked.Database connection errorTo begin with, if the problem is with the hosting server, you should contact the hosting providers and check their regulations to fix the error.Second, it means that the configuration between your site and the database is not correct. This is mainly due to wrong credentials on database username, password and host. You should carefully review all the details to make sure they match each other. It is advisable to copy and paste the details elsewhere for reference.
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